Best M.2 WiFi Cards and Bluetooth Cards of 2021

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Getting top-notch connectivity is a significant feature if we’re keen on using our devices in a most satisfying way. If you’ve got no idea on where to get the best m.2 WiFi card, then there’s no read better than what you’re hooked onto right now!

It’s got the correct info you’ll need to achieve the finest, high-speed connections, hassle-free of course. Looking for a WiFi card ready to take your device to the next level? Check our complete reviews on the best WiFi 6 PCIe card for desktops and WiFi 6 cards for laptops!

You’ve got to know just more than what a product says on its packaging to make a fulfilling choice. You need details. And essential facts are what you’ll get here for a wireless card just right for you!

Best M.2 WiFi Cards and Bluetooth Cards


Size: 3.94×2.76×0.39″
Weight: 0.67 ounces
Released: Aug 23, 2020

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BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF Card
BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF Card

Size: 4.8×3.4×0.5″
Weight: 0.81 ounces
Released: May 14, 2020

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Intel 7260 HMW
Intel 7260 HMW

Data Transfer Rate: 867 Mbps
Size: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 0.16 ounces
Released: Dec 4, 2013

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AC 8265NGW
AC 8265NGW

Size: 2.1×2.1×0.45″
Weight: 0.81 ounces
Released: Jul 14, 2019

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Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 WiFI Card
Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 WiFI Card

Size: 5×4.1×0.6″
Weight: 7 ounces
Released: Jan 16, 2020

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Intel AC 8260 IEEE
Intel AC 8260 IEEE

OS: Linux, Windows 8, Windows 7
Weight 0.32 ounces
Size: 0.12×0.01″
ASIN: B0197W86IE
Released: Oct 5, 2015

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Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac
Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac

Hardware Platform: PC
Weight: 0.387 ounces
Size: 0.09×1.18×0.87″
Released: Jul 24, 2015

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What is an M.2 WiFi card?

An M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth card comes to aid improved internet connections with its high-tech built-in circuit. A set of pins make such cards easy to install on supported devices.

How to pick the right M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth card?

The best way to pick the ideal M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth card for a desktop machine is by going through all the specs of the selected choices, making sure your device is compatible.

With a proper look at a WiFi/Bluetooth card’s specs and prices, it’ll become much easier to identify a unit compatible with your device.

What are the wins of using an M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth Card?

WiFi/Bluetooth cards pack a lot of great features, and these specs help in providing:

Faster internet

If you’ve installed a greater WiFi/Bluetooth card on your device, you could get more than average rates of basic WiFi connections. In most cases, 802.11ac cards are capable of better internet connectivity, reducing time wasted, and maximizing your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for long-range solutions, then you might be interested in our reviews for the best WiFi antennas. On a second note, if you’re interested in taking your internet connection speed to the next level make sure you read our reviews for the best WiFi 6 routers and WiFi 6 laptops.

Better download/upload speeds

For download enthusiasts, break-neck download speeds provided by a top WiFi Card is second to none. So if you’re keen on boosting your connectivity to a lot of files in record time, a WiFi card’s the only option you’ve got!

Lower power consumption

If you’re totally poised to reduce the amount of power consumed by your devices when surfing the Web, getting an M.2 WLAN card could really do the job! It’ll provide brisker speeds and in turn, reduce the consumption of your power significantly.

Reduction in failed links

With increased WiFi connectivity comes way less network failure. And the only way to get a top connection is through getting an M.2 network card.

It’ll fast-track your access to the Web, and significantly increase your page-opening speeds. So don’t expect any failed connections with a top WiFi card in your device!

What to consider prior to your M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth card purchase?

Here’s what you need to take a closer look at:

Download and upload speed

You’ve got to take a detailed look at the down/up capabilities of any M.2 WiFi card you’ve got on your radar. The average speeds you should get must be from 70Mbps upwards and 6Mbps downwards.

Compatibility, pins and price

WiFi cards have different specs and may not work on some devices. Before placing an order for your network card, check out whether it’s a perfect fit for your device to avoid returns and other unpleasant events.

A WiFi Bluetooth card comes functional in personal computers, such as desktops and laptops as well as plenty of and connectivity devices.

The pins featured on network cards differ. It could be tasked to do, but you’ve got to assess your network card’s pins slot. When you’ve got this right, all features of your preferred network card will perform at its highest.

Striking the right price remains a major point to look at when you’re in the market for a WiFi or Bluetooth card.

Just as expected, there are budget choices that come with a multitude of quality features. There are also some higher-priced choices with equally impressive specs. When it comes to pricing, the choice is up to you and the assigned budget for the task. If you’re looking up budget solutions for laptops, you might want to read our reviews on budget laptops under $400 and budget laptops under $600.

Differentiating factors among M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth Cards

Here are the key factors that make the difference among network cards:

  • Connection speeds
  • Design
  • Form factors
  • Size
  • Presence/Absence of antenna
  • Bandwidth per stream capacity

Most efficient ways of using a M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth card

The best way to start using your WiFi/Bluetooth card is by collecting knowledge of the right steps to properly install it. If you can’t fit the network card just right, it’s definitely not compatible and it won’t function.

The steps below should guide you in installing the card properly:

  • Open the compartment which houses your old WiFi card
  • Remove the old card and inspect the compartment to ensure it’s clean
  • Compare the old network card with the new one side-by-side to ascertain their pin similarities
  • Insert the new card and cover up the compartment
  • Boot your device
PS: In some devices, the network card will be automatically detected. In other devices, an installation process must first take place before the card gets functional.

Safety Measures to Use a WiFi/Bluetooth Card

If you’re keen on protecting your wireless card, here’s what you need to avoid:

  • Installing or removing the card while your device is switched on
  • Using your device in very hot conditions missing proper ventilation
  • Making modifications to your factory-packaged card

1. XIAOMIN Dual Band AX200 – Best M.2 WiFi Card

Best overall
Best M.2 WiFi Card

XIAOMIN Dual Band AX200 2400Mbps

If you’re in need of the right M.2 wireless card, you could make this your choice. It comes with a sturdy build that assures smoother connections.

Also, it doesn’t require antennas to achieve maximum functionality. It’s an ideal choice for WiFi enthusiasts who don’t need any extra weight lying around.

And aside from these, there’s much more! Intel Smart Connect is included in this card for greater speed and connectivity. An Intel Hotspot Assistant is also added to this WiFi card for much sharper connections across a vast area. 

It’s also got a very reasonable price, so you’re assured you’ll get more value for money! Should you make this dual-band wireless-ac card your choice, you’ll be thrilled to know it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.

  • High-speed connectivity
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Wireless design
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy design
  • Shipping could have some delays

2. BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF Card – Second Best M.2 WiFi Card

Second Pick
2. BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF Card - Second Best M.2 WiFi Card

WiFi Card BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

To ensure fast connections with your WiFi card, take a closer look at this dual-band wireless-ac module. It could be just what you need to end your search for a top wireless card!

It features the capacity to provide wireless speeds of up to 867Mbps than regular WiFi cards. It also comes with greater bandwidth for more comfortable streaming. Its bandwidth per streaming rate stands at 433Mbps! It’s a truly fascinating addition to your device.

With such speeds assured from your WiFi card, you’ve got more reliability, and that’s not all! Also, you’ll get a Bluetooth 4.0 capacity with this M.2 WiFi module for greater connection possibilities.

  • Affordable
  • High-speed connections
  • Quick bandwidth range
  • Perfect for slim computers
  • Greater Bluetooth connectivity potential
  • Some users have compatibility issues

3. Intel 7260 HMW – Powerful M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth Card

Efficient Card
3. Intel 7260 HMW - Powerful M.2 WiFi/Bluetooth Card

Intel 7260.HMW Dual Band Wireless

The Intel Dual Band Wireless packs many helpful features capable of boosting your WiFi connection.

It also comes with the dual-band wireless feature, boosting your connecting speed to the internet much more. And as if there aren’t enough interesting specs from this card, there’s much more!

The WiFi card also has something in store for you when you need a high down/up data transfer speed. With this card, you’ll be able to experience data-transfer down in excess of 79Mbps and transfer up to 6Mbps.

This M.2 WLAN syncs with your PC seamlessly as it’s compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and other operating systems.

It features a high connection capability with an 802.11g WiFi build. This build improves your access to the Web with an M.2 wireless card inbuilt.
  • High connectivity
  • Affordable
  • Quality design
  • Vast down/up data transfer potential
  • Large compatibility potential
  • Some faulty cards have been reported

4. Dual Band AC 8265NGW – High Speed Transfer M.2 WiFi Card

Fast Transfer
4. Dual Band AC 8265NGW - High Speed Transfer M.2 WiFi Card

Dual Band AC 8265AC NGFF WiFi Card

For a balanced data transfer from and to your device, the dual-band WiFi AC 8265 has an abundance of exciting features.

Also, if you’re in need of very high speeds from your PC, this card’s a great choice! It comes with a max down the speed of about 867Mbps for unrivaled connectivity. And if you’re keen on more essential specs to boost your WiFi, there’s more from this card!

It comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 compatible build and also works with processors within 2.4 – 5GHz response speeds. It’s a good choice for fast internet lovers with a need for high-frequency refreshes of their connections. 

For the board’s build, there are also a lot of exciting parts to give you more value for the money! It’s likely that this could be what you’re in need of to boost your connections in ways you never imagined!

It comes ready for total compatibility with your PC across a lot of operating systems. This WiFi card is made especially for Intel CPU systems, and won’t operate on others.
  • High connection capacity
  • Low energy Bluetooth support
  • Higher data transfer capacity
  • Ideal for various computer needs
  • 4K and HD streaming ready
  • Only compatible with Intel processors
  • Works only with NGFF interface

5. Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 WiFI Card

Fast Connection
5. Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 WiFI Card

Plug & Play Hackintosh M.2 NGFF WLAN

The Plug & Play Hackintosh boasts a ton of cool stuff you may need to boost your PC’s Web connectivity potential. It comes with a combo adapter, consisting of a WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 adapter.

With such a feature, there’s no chance you’ll miss a thing whenever you’re online. 

And the WiFi card has more than just a combo adapter. It features some of the finest potentials for the fastest speeds on the internet.

For top-class M.2 WLAN connection, this card boasts a top speed of 867Mbps. Since such speeds are assured, all you’ll get is a high-quality connection to your Bluetooth devices, and most essentially, the Web.

You may want to take a peek at our review of the best motherboard with WiFi and Bluetooth built-in.

And that’s not all from this card! It also comes with a high response rate within 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Such speeds are meant chiefly for boosting comfort and ease of access. 

If you’re keen on making this card your choice, you’ll be thrilled it comes at an incredibly affordable price. We’re sure you’re relieved knowing that you don’t have to rob a bank for a WiFi and Bluetooth card.

  • Improves down speed
  • Delivers high data transfer
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with latest OS versions
  • May not work with some PCs
  • Bluetooth may not be functional in some units

6. Intel AC 8260 IEEE

Small Card
6. Intel AC 8260 IEEE M.2 WiFi Card

Intel AC 8260 IEEE 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.2

If you’re keen on a quality WiFi connection at all times, getting this M.2 Bluetooth will certainly prove to be a great aquisition!

It boasts a wireless and Bluetooth build, making it ideal for greater connectivity potential. 

It’s got a very simple design that boosts internet linking further with its Microsoft Instant-Go Tech for quicker data transfer. Also, this feature reduces power consumption from your PC when you’re installing updates. 

When speeds are in play, this WiFi card is a sure stand-out choice! It comes capable of speeds up to 867Mbps. This ensures a much better bandwidth per stream for a wide range of devices. 

And to boost this card’s quality, it comes at a fascinatingly affordable price! So there’s no chance of shaking your budget for the sake of WiFi.

  • Fast internet connections
  • Affordable
  • Sleek design
  • Instant-Go Technology
  • High down/up speeds
  • Its requirements may not be ideal for some users

7. Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac – Energy Efficient M.2 WiFi Card

Energy Efficient
7. Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac - Energy Efficient M.2 WiFi Card

Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.0

If you’ve got a need for the finest connections from your device, consider getting such a card. It comes with a fascinating design which is easy to handle and lightweight.

For greater connectivity, this wireless card comes with a mini-card (NGFF). It’s easy to use this card directly on your PC by connecting it with a USB 9pin in your product’s packaging.

Also, this card comes with a Bluetooth combo design similar to 7260 cards. And there’s fascinating stuff from this card! 

It comes able to support WiFi and Bluetooth connections simultaneously! With such a feature, you’ll be able to link your devices together with greater ease. And don’t forget the brisk connection you’ll get to the internet at all times.

  • Easy conversion from NGFF to USB
  • Simultaneous WiFi/Bluetooth connection
  • Lightweight (1.6oz)
  • Antenna included for greater connectivity
  • Bonus features added for more comfortable installation
  • Not compatible with non-Intel boards and processors

To conclude

If you’re keen on getting a clear-cut leader of the pack, then the XIAOMIN M.2 WiFi Card is definitely the clear winner of the best M.2 WiFi card contest.

When this product is placed side-by-side with other options, it’s got the advantage over them when it comes to compatibility, speed, and easy installation. 

It’s got a great data transfer speed at 867Mbps. Based on its USB connectivity, it’s functional on a large spectrum of devices. Also, it’s got a reasonable price and is very safe to use. These make the NGFF Wireless card a great choice to boost your devices’ connectivity potential!

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